Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

2014 Merchants

Please take a moment to meet our Marvelous  Merchants
for  Piedmont Pagan Pride 2014

You’re bound to find something you need
you want or that unique piece that you can’t live without!

3rd Eye Gifts
The 3rd Eye is about looking beyond the physical world into the world “on the other side”.
It’s a belief in magic, in the heart, a belief in all that most look past
and it’s about manifesting the life that you truly want to live.

Amber Moon Gifts
Hand made earrings, slave bracelets, charm bracelets, Hand painted  Incense burners

Doug Hoffman 
Doug has T shirts, jewelry, music, tarot, and other magickal goodies.
Some out of print and can not be found anyplace else.

Earthen Moon
Spiritual, Elemental & Native American items for Ceremony, Adornment & Giveaway
Come see us for hand-crafted medicine bags, healing stone jewelry, drums, rattles,
feather fans as well as ceremonial/smudge supplies.  Earthen Moon is a burgeoning
community of women supporting one another through ceremonies, circles & celebrations.

Gypsy Whims
Our pieces are unique and handcrafted, and when we say handcrafted we don’t mean a
store bought chain and pendant slapped together. We pride ourselves in detailed and
intricate wire and metal work, sculpted jewelry and hand made chains and reworked
antique pieces made into something new and made with love.

Hand Made Native Gift
handcrafted, Native American jewelry alone with center pieces incents sage,
Blessing Kits ,other Jewelry of all kind in pagan, Smudging feathers,
Candles,(spell, and Blessing Candles) candle suffers

HedgeWitch’s Octobers Moon
I grow over 113 Herbs on my Property and I stock over 145 Herbs on my “Wall of Herbs”.
Resins, Feathers, Fixatives, Assorted Powders, Brick and Grave Yard Dust round out the list.
I make my own Salves, Soy Candles, Spell Kits, Bath Salts, Dream Pillows, Ritual Baths,
4 Thieves Vinegar, Magickal Waters and Blended Oils & Inks. Staffs,
Walking Sticks and Wands are given to us by the Forest, for our Creativity and Inspiration.
I stock Jewelry from Well Known Pagan Companies , as well as Artisans.
I, Myself have a Line of Pendulum/Pendants, which also, sell on ETSY!

House of Mystical Journeys
We are a new Eclectic Pagan Group in Hickory, NC.
We will be selling at our booth different kinds of magical supplies, home made crafts
and goodies for your pets. We are an open group of different sects of Paganism
and will have products representing each of us from Celtic, Pow Wow, Alexandrian,
Hereditary, and Neo-Druidism just to say the least. Please come see us!! Blessed Be

Laughingbrook Spellcrafting
Laughingbrook Spellcrafting & Ancestral Arts joyfully provides spellcrafting and ritual supplies
to Witches and Practitioners in the Pagan community. From herbs, stones, and books
to hand-crafted beeswax candles, oil blends and carved wands, there is something for Seeker
and Venerated Elder alike! Stop in for a stone reading or something magical for your altar or circle.
Travel lightly and burn brightly!
Sister Laughingbrook

Misfit Sanctuary
Drop by Misfit Sanctuary’s info booth to get all the details about our up & coming fundraiser
Misfit’s Witches Ball. Try your luck @ our Raffle for a Pair of Witches Ball tickets.
Peruse our Misfit goodies, which include Travel Mugs, Field Guides, Misfit Ornies & Bumper stickers.
Mystic Eye pendants & circlets each with A Different Positive Fortune.
We will also have a selection of beautifully Embroidered Tshirts.
Looking forward to sharing in a beautiful day of community

Moon Circles NC
Moon Circles NC is a Wiccan open circle located in Charlotte, NC.
We meet once a month to circle together.

Moon Works Emporium
MoonWorks Emporium specializes in custom glass etchings, vinyl decals &
personalized gifts.

Mystic Artisans
Mystic Artisans create high quality hand crafted objects d’art. From pyrography to
etching, every piece is one of a kind in both brilliance and focus.

Mystik Dragons
Local girl that loves to craft, not always pagan related items,
I tend to let the Goddess guide when I craft. Returning from last year,
I plan to have Flower Rings, some jewelry, shawls, screen printed items, possibly candles and incense.

NC Piedmont Church of Wicca
The NC Piedmont Church of Wicca was founded in 1999 to provide access to Wiccan teachings
and religious services to sincere spiritual seekers in and around the Carolina piedmont region.
NCPCOW is proud of its history of community service and inclusiveness. We have been in involved
in many cooperative projects, including several Pagan Pride Day events. We also host an annual
weekend Pagan festival each Beltane. The church’s rituals are eclectic in nature and emphasize
the experiencial relationship between humanity and the Divine. Rites often include dramatized
myth as a method of forging and reinforcing our connection with Divinity.
Events are family oriented and kid friendly.

New Moon Notions
We carry a variety of hand crafted all natural skin creams, lotion bars, salves,
herbal body products, candles, and hand crafted gifts.

OM Away From Home
I am a seasoned Yoga Instructor who makes Jewelry the old fashioned way in silver,
red brass, copper, gold, gems, crystals, marbles, epoxy and whatever. Lots of my
designs are Yoga inspired but I make frivolous designs in pendants, bracelets,
earrings, and rings as well. For Pagan Pride I should have, by the will, many new
inspired pieces, Goddess, Triple Goddess and Pentagram designs. I do custom work as
well. Very affordable and always inspired.

Our Lady of the Underground
Our Lady of the Underground specializes in procuring and creating a variety of pagan,
heathen, and witchcraft inspired items. This includes things like ritual tools and wear,
spell components, and divinatory aides.

Pagan School
Pagan School was set up to teach our children (our future leaders) our paths.
We keep it very basic and playful but teach the kids about our Holy Days,
Deities and ways of magick. We cater to the 4-9 year old range but old kids and
adult kids can enjoy too. It’s a fun time for all. Class is held every Sunday morning
from 11-Noon at Stowe Park in Belmont, NC. Come join us! Many Blessings!

Panoleptos is a group of individuals from all different backgrounds, spiritual paths,
and traditions who come together to worship and pay homage to the god Pan.
The group is based in the Western Piedmont area of North Carolina.
We hold public and private rituals and celebrations to honor the god Pan.

Raven’s Nest

Shakti Goddess
Nuit and Shakti Goddess Arts and Festival Temple are so glad to be attending the
Piedmont Pagan Pride Day for the first time. Please come by and introduce yourself,
receive information about Nuit’s upcoming classes and events, and maybe treat
yourself to something beautiful, unusual and magickal from our array of wares.
Blessings of Isis to you!

Silver Sisters Cottage
We are an eclectic shop that tries to cater to all paths.
We will have clothing , jewelry, herbs, altar tools, lotions, steampunk head dresses,
wood work, candles, incense, stones, athames, Norse gear, Wiccan gear and much much more.
Too may items to mention,  This includes paths of voodoo and hoodoo,
We cater to all paths that we are capable of.  Come see us and stay for a spell.
Blessed Be

Sylvan Celtic Fellowship
We are a Celtic based lifestyle and religious group with 2 branches, our laity branch
where one can study hand crafting, combat styles and everyday survival skills
of the ancient Celts and our Druid branch were you can learn to be a priest
an cater to the needs of the Celtic community.

Taylors Jewelry
Taylor’s Jewelry returns to Piedmont Pagan Pride Day 2014 this year,
with handmade stone pendants made with semi precious stones, statues,
celtic and egyptian, sterling silver metaphysical jewelry including pentagrams,
pentacles, triple goddess and dragons. Silver and steel rings offered as well.
Still bringing the quality you expect and the prices that are geared to save you money!
Thank you for your continued support now and through the years.

Thaumaturgy 777 
A Full-Service, Conjure Supply House, in Durham, NC.
We help you sculpt your life with magick. For the seasoned practitioner,
we have spell components and tools. For the beginner, we teach basic skills.
Balance the elements of your world, through tarot, astrology, spell work and coaching.
We appreciate your knowledge and your fervent desire for more.

The Bubble Hut 
Bubbles!  For the young, and the young at heart!
See how easy it can be to make humongous, gorgeous bubbles.
Located next to the kid’s booth, Ky will be giving demonstrations throughout the day.
Don’t forget to reserve your time in the Bubble Zone!  (sign-up sheet will be at the Bubble Hut)

The Goddess Shop
Pagan items, handmade as often as possible. I create teas, salves, tinctures, smudge bundles
and Goddess Rosaries; as well as anything else. I take a notion to create; though herbals are my love.
I bring sweetly scented incenses and candles, lovely animal totems, books, and many other items.
I look forward to seeing you at the Piedmont Pagan Pride Day!

The Natural Choice Apothecary
All your natural bath and body products can be found here at The Natural Apothecary!
We offer all-purpose healing salves, natural exfoliates, body and lip moisturizers,
calming aids, and even candles to create the perfect bath and body get away while
staying natural and organic!

The Violet Robin
At The Violet Robin, you will have access to all of your lightest, and darkest desires!
We specialize in, but certainly not limited to: dolls, charms, bags, spells, oils, waters,
herbs and so much more! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to ask!

A  priestess in the Gardnerian tradition,
Terra is a very practical witch, steeped in the traditions of her celtic lineage.
Her practices often include wandering through the woods for magical components,
communicating with the dead, working with the community through healing arts, and
offering bereavement counseling through local organizations.
Terra is a graduate of SCAD with a Bachelors in the Fine Arts. She utilizes her fine
arts background in her transformative face and body art and costume design. She is
currently working on a new series of images titled “Totems” featuring pagan folk
which should be on display in 2016. (for more information about participating,
contact Terra at bellarougedesign@gmail.com)

White Hart Haunt
White Hart is a small family owned “creature creator” from Raleigh.
We specialize in fantasy creatures, wedding cake toppers, and
downright cute collectables. We plan on bringing all sorts of unicorns, dragons, pegasai,
and more! We will also have a selection of gemstone and element themed necklaces.


Your contributions to Piedmont Pagan Pride help support our mission and purpose! Even small amounts of love are welcomed and cherished.