Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

2014 Workshops

Our Inspirations: The Elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth


airair Air: Education

Air is the element of clarity and communication, therefore,
education is an important part of what Pagan Pride is all about.
We attempt each year to have classes that will appeal
to Pagans and non-pagans alike.




Basics of the Drum Circle Workshop

Interactive rhythm event. The central purpose is to enhance individual creativity 563268_672129032821325_958157289_n
and foster community through the interlacing of rhythm and non-verbal communication methods. This workshop will include introduction to African drums, basic rhythm techniques and drum circle etiquette.
Its aim is to culminate in a symphonic and unifying rhythm event.
This event encourages the participation of both novice
and experienced drummers alike. This is a NON-TRADITIONAL workshop
and is intended to elicit self expression and integration,
as opposed to teaching traditional African rhythms.
Heartbeats are the foundations of rhythm and know no gender, race or creed.
All heartbeats are welcome, and no experience of any level is required.
Portions of this workshop will relate to the relationship between drummers
and dancers, dancers are encouraged to participate as well.
All percussion instruments are provided, but please feel free to bring your own instruments if desired



Panel Picnic 

Piedmont Pagan Pride is dedicated to promoting Spiritual Diversity
through our annual Interfaith Panel. 
We invite you to bring a lunch and sit a spell with our speakers!


Water Blessings with Raven

Our Water Blessing Workshop will teach you the fundamentals of Water Blessings. 935131_10201381662451854_746156351_n
You will learn how to select Stones, Herbs, Flowers & such
to infuse your water with the desired energies.

Raven is a Founder & Chancellor of Misfit Sanctuary.
A Co-Founder and Priest of Panoleptos, as well as being active with several other
Carolina based Pagan Groups.  Raven was Elevated to High Priest in a private ceremony during Summer Solstice of 2009. He also coined the phrase (Pan The Man).
Raven has devoted the last  17 years of his life in the service of the God and Goddess.
Raven along with his wife Willow, had a long standing dream of starting a Sanctuary
for all Traditions. Pretty soon the Goddess began to send people of Spirit,
and together they made that dream came true. Raven is driven to help
Build & Strengthen the bonds within the Piedmont Pagan Community,
in an effort to keep the Old Ways burning bright.


Everyday Meditations

A workshop/discussion about using short meditations to get through everyday stresses and problems. Some of the meditations I will be sharing can be done in a 5-minute work break, make your days much less stressful,
and encourage mental clarity when needed. These meditations are very helpful with living a magickal life in a mundane world.

Teresa Hansen has been a practicing Pagan for 24 years, the last 12 of which she has been leading rituals and workshops for open community events, for several years with Mountain CUUPs (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) from Boone, NC. She also is Co-Founder of NC Pagans Outdoors. She lives in the mountains of Ashe County, NC, and has 2 sons; one 16, the other 5.



The Sacred City:
Reconsidering Paganism as “Nature” Religion

Many contemporary Pagan traditions stress the importance of connectingThorn
with nature, a reverence for the earth’s seasonal cycles, and the divine
consciousness inherent in the natural world.  But what does that mean
for city dwellers, suburbanites, and those who just don’t spend much time
outdoors?  Does preferring pavement to forest trails make you a bad Pagan?
Where and who are the gods and spirits of urban spaces?  In this workshop,
we’ll challenge the dichotomy between the “natural” world and the human-made
and discuss strategies for connecting to the actual land where we live rather
than an idealized, artificial “Nature” that we might only encounter on television.

A high priestess in the Gardnerian tradition and the leader of Foxfire Coven,
Thorn’s witchcraft is decidedly modern, usually urban, and always messy.
She holds an M.A. in religious studies with focuses on contemporary
Paganism and American religious history. Thorn lives in Charlotte with her cat and a lot of books.
Find her at www.thornthewitch.com.



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