Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

2015 Merchants


Please take a moment to meet our Marvelous  Merchants
for  Piedmont Pagan Pride 2015

You’re bound to find something you need
you want or that unique piece that you can’t live without!


3rd Eye Gifts
The 3rd Eye is about looking beyond the physical world into the world
“on the other side”. It’s a belief in magic, in the heart, a belief in all that
most look past and it’s about manifesting the life that you truly want to live.
Our products are purchased or hand made  with love and are adored by us
until they find their home with you.
Diana discovered the amazing healing properties of crystals while studying Reiki
and feeling how they helped with the healing sessions with clients. It started with a
simple quartz and it has developed into a deep love and respect of all stones which
includes educating other people about the use of crystals. She is compassionate
and prides herself on honesty, integrity, and hard work. Her caring personality
and sense of humor allow her to connect quickly with clients and help guide them
to see right decisions. She has earned a loyal following among her clients who
come from all walks of life. Diana has 2 children that are also sensitive
to what the physical eyes can not see.

Amber Moon Gifts
Hand made earrings, slave bracelets, charm bracelets, Hand painted  Incense burners

Ambur Rose 
Ambur Rose is a blatant kick-your-spirit-into-gear psychic and artist. She’s
unconventional, loud, and just a tad crazy — so you’ll feel right at home! Her
artistry ranges to watercolor, graphite, and electronic fantasy art, divination
cards, and one of a kind jewelry creations. Prints, cards, jewelry and readings are
equally available.

Bare Tree Essentials
I am a local homeschooling mom that runs a mini farm, crochets, and creates natural
body care products. Items are crocheted hats, blankets, dishcloths, animal hats,
stuff toys, and more. I make 100% natural body care products; healing salves, muscle
salves, lip balms, teas, bath salts, deodorants, sugar scrubs, facial masks.

Bubbles by Ky
Bubbles!  For the young, and the young at heart!
See how easy it can be to make humongous, gorgeous bubbles.
Ky will be giving demonstrations throughout the day.
Stop by to purchase your own supplies,
so you can take the joy of bubbles home with you!

Caldwell County Wicca Study Group
We are a local group from Caldwell County who get together and study the basics
and history of Wicca and we have a YAAD program. Our booth will have a variety
of herbs for sale and an assortment of crystals and a few other items.

Demented Dragons
Greetings and much welcome to The Lair of Demented Dragons! We are so pleased
to have you join us among our treasures. We wish to share all that we create
and get inspiration from. We are artisans that bring to you hand crafted goods
of leather and metals. Jewelry made of materials galore, from hemp to paracord,
steel, brass and copper, to wire and clay, wood and anything else we gather.
Eco domes and terrariums are our way of bringing a little of the green world to your life,
self maintaining to low maintenance, they bring calm to a busy world.
Chain maille of old brought back with new flare will surely catch your eye.
Leather crafted to just about anything the heart desires. We welcome you into a world
of beauty and fun, creative and inspiring. Please stay a while, enjoy your stay.
Come back when you can as we always welcome the company. We love to get
custom orders! Anything you dream up, we’ll strive our best to accommodate,
both in color, material, and design. We’re always hunting for the next best event
to attend and projects to work on to keep the most interesting collection for your choosing.
Many thanks for coming in. Many blessings upon you and yours!

Designs by Michelle Boling
Designer Michelle Boling creates one of a kind handcrafted head pieces, crowns, jewelry,
and other crafty creations; each carefully constructed with a vast assortment
of materials both natural and artificial.

Domestic Alchemy and Bella Rouge Design 
Lady Hex, owner and operator of Bella Rouge Design offers transformative face
and body painting. Hex’s secondary love and business, Domestic Alchemy,
focuses on custom handmade goods for the pagan minded.

Emanate Balance massage Therapy and Tai-Chi
My husband Allen and I have both been dedicated to helping clients increase health
and happiness for years. We use Massage Therapy, Tai-Chi, Qigong, Meditation,
organic foods, herbs, supplements and positivity to help you heal, regain flexibility,
reduce pain and inflammation, feel more calm and balanced,
feel happier and nourish your cells.

Eternity Designs
Custom Jewelry, wire wrapping, Paintings, and Woodburning.

Fevered Dreams
Fevered dreams is a mix of unique gifts and hand crafted jewelry. Anything from key
chains and pendants to tapestries and pouches. Also, a variety of unique artwork and
posters. Fevered Dreams; the place to go to get anything to match your fevered dream.

Foothills Interfaith Assembly
The Foothills Interfaith Assembly serves the foothills region of North Carolina
(principally Lincoln, Catawba, Cleveland, Gaston, and Burke counties) where we sponsor
interfaith events and hold meetings to discuss varied religious perspectives.
Through this ongoing dialogue we hope to encourage mutual respect and appreciation
for the great diversity of religious views represented in our region.

Gypsy Whims
Our pieces are unique and handcrafted, and when we say handcrafted we don’t mean a
store bought chain and pendant slapped together. We pride ourselves in detailed and
intricate wire and metal work, sculpted jewelry and hand made chains and reworked
antique pieces made into something new and made with love.

HammerSol Jewelry
HammerSol Jewelry is a husband and wife team of metalsmiths. We have over 20 years
of combined experience working with precious metals. Our original Norse inspired
jewelry is created through the techniques of lost wax casting, chasing and repousse,
and cloisonné enameling.

Honey Bee Enchantments

International Pagan Radio
International Pagan Radio will be known the world round, both in and out of the
Pagan people. IPR will be a place where we all come not just for music, but also for
reliable unbiased information, news, and updates. It will be a place where we can
all come and gain stronger unity for the entire Pagan community. This will be a
place where no matter what country or path we follow, we can all come to this
station and be one people, one voice, with a dream, and a brighter future.

Julie Cagle
Julie will be offering handmade jewelry.
Made mostly of semi-precious stone, glass,
and Czech glass beads.

Lapidify is the result of one woman’s ambition to forever be surrounded by shiny things.
She is an Pagan Animist who celebrates natural forms through wire weaving,
lapidary work, and the use of organic components in jewelry and art.

Mermaid Mansion: Adornments for Classy, Sassy Mermaids
Come to Mermaid Mansion for all your watery tart needs!  Original art and
adornments! AND … BONE READINGS for those who want news from the Other Side!
Pirate Sam and Mermaid Morrigan await you!

Mirthful Mother Totems and Talismans
Mirthful Mother specializes in handmade ritual jewelry, animal totems, divination tools,
altar boxes and pyrography for the energetically inclined. All pieces are lovingly created
by artist Deborah Rose Guterbock and a few of her family members in Charlottesville, VA.
She is particularly fond of bead embroidery and spends most of her time creating
animal totem and healing stone necklaces for energy work and ceremonial use.
Each piece is a unique artwork, carefully crafted with the highest quality materials
and semi-precious stones. Her new focus will be on combining her assemblage
and jewelry design to create small alter boxes for in-home worship.
Mirthful Mother hopes to work with individuals on custom ritual accoutrements
to meet the specific needs of each person’s worship practice.
If we don’t have the totem you need, we are happy to take custom orders
and work closely with you on your very own ritual jewelry piece.
Mirthful Mother will also be joined by the fabulous Rae Irvine, who will be
offering tarot readings. Rae has been through the Grandmother Ceremony of
her teaching tradition and has been doing tarot reading for 15 years. She
uses an Osho Zen deck that allows her to expand her readings beyond the
traditional confines of the Rider-Waite deck.”

Misfit Sanctuary
Drop by Misfit Sanctuary’s info booth to get all the details about our up & coming fundraiser
Misfit’s Witches Ball. Try your luck @ our Raffle for a Pair of Witches Ball tickets.
Peruse our Misfit goodies, which include Travel Mugs, Field Guides, Misfit Ornies & Bumper stickers.
Time Warp to Transylvania  pendants & Garters will be available for purchase.
We will also have a selection of beautifully Embroidered Tshirts.
Looking forward to sharing in a beautiful day of community 🙂

Momma’s Kettle Corn
Fresh Hand Popped Kettle Corn with several flavors.  We also sell soda and water.

Mountain River Botanicals
Herbs, Teas, Smudge Sticks, Jewelry, Essential Oils, Celtic Items

Mystic Artisans
Mystic Artisans create high quality hand crafted objects d’art.
From pyrography to etching, every piece is one of a kind in both brilliance and focus.

Mystik Dragons
Ribbon Wands, Unicorn Horns, Bubble Wands and other fun stuff for the little
witchlets. Flower Crowns returning once again this year with potion bottle necklaces
and Crystal Ball pendants. Assorted Jewelry, Hair Sticks, and whatever the Powers
that Be decide might be good to make and take to the Festival!


Native American Massage and Healings
I am Native American back ground, Lakota and Cherokee was thought by
Chief Nakita fixture and Chief white eagle for the last 18  years on healing
and spiritual guidance looking forward to meeting all of you. Foxfire

NC Piedmont Church of Wicca
The NC Piedmont Church of Wicca was founded in 1999 to provide access to Wiccan teachings
and religious services to sincere spiritual seekers in and around the Carolina piedmont region.
NCPCOW is proud of its history of community service and inclusiveness. We have been in involved
in many cooperative projects, including several Pagan Pride Day events. We also host an annual
weekend Pagan festival each Beltane. The church’s rituals are eclectic in nature and emphasize
the experiencial relationship between humanity and the Divine. Rites often include dramatized
myth as a method of forging and reinforcing our connection with Divinity.
Events are family oriented and kid friendly.

 Octobers Moon
 Located in Stallings, NC. is A True Witches/Pagan Ritual Supply Shoppe. I am a HedgeWitch
of many years and I Ply My Trade Guided by The Ancient Ones. I am Here for the Benefit
of others and i will Help Those in need of Guidance while on their Journies.
I keep a Fully Stocked Shoppe with Oils, Herbs (Most from my gardens) and Incenses
made from these Herbs, Candles-Most made by me, Stones/Crystals/Specimen Crystals-
Over 95 Varieties, Books, Pendulums- most Created by me, Pendulum/Necklaces-Created by Me,
Artisan Jewelry Lines,Tapestries,Runes/Tarot/Crystal Balls, Cauldrons/Burning Bowls,
Home Decor, Statuary, Locally Made Stick Incense/Soaps… As You Can See A HedgeWitch
Truly Operates OCTOBERS MOON. Fly By For A Spell and See What Octobers Moon
can Offer You For Your Rituals and Daily Life.  Blessed Be…Lisa AKA Crone

Pagan School
Pagan School was set up to teach our children (our future leaders) our paths.
We keep it very basic and playful but teach the kids about our Holy Days,
Deities and ways of magick. We cater to the 4-9 year old range but old kids and
adult kids can enjoy too. It’s a fun time for all. Class is held every Sunday morning
from 11-Noon at Stowe Park in Belmont, NC. Come join us! Many Blessings!

Panoleptos is a group of individuals from all different backgrounds, spiritual paths,
and traditions who come together to worship and pay homage to the god Pan.
The group is based in the Western Piedmont area of North Carolina.
We hold public and private rituals and celebrations to honor the god Pan.

Poornamidam Jewelry\db Marketing\Freedom Absolute Yoga
Our display will be mostly handcrafted jewelry and metal work. Last year we brought
some ethnic percussion and musical instruments and did well with them so we may
bring more this year too. We will also be promoting our efforts in Yoga awareness
and Freedom Absolute Yoga located at the Perry Farmhouse in Troutman.

Ravengrove Radio
Ravengrove Radio will be here to play music
and keep your toes tappin n dancing!

Raven Moon Emporium
Readings and chakra attunements, crystals, incenses,
and other pagan/metaphysical products.
We have the highest quality herbs anywhere and beautifully hand-made jewelry.

Rock Your Body
We have wire wrapped pieces with healing crystals and chips such as
necklaces, rings, toe rings, anklets, bracelets, arm bands, fairy ears, and
pendulums all handmade. We will also be selling leather arm cuffs also handmade.
I, Coree Hall am also a Certified Angel Card Reading and will be offering Angel Card
Readings at the event.

S & B Emporium
We are a consortium of artists working together, so the S & B Emporium
will have a good range of items, from things that smell good to things that have bling,
from things that are lovely to look at to things that are delightful to wear.
Come out and see what we’ve got on display that may tickle your fancy!

Silver Moon Soaps
Homemade fragrant soaps that are also beautiful and very moisturizing.
Primarily goats milk base

Silver Stars
Silver Stars main store is in Fayetteville North Carlina and been in business for over 7 years.
We supply Herbs, Candles, Cauldrons, Spell Kits, Books, Jewelry, Incense, Stones …etc
for all your ritual or spell needs. We also offer Tarot readings and Dream Interpretations
every Tuesday thru Sunday at our shop location. There are many handmade and some
one of a kind items for different types of traditions.
We look forward to seeing you ! Blessed Be

Shakti Goddess Arts
Shakti Goddess Arts features offerings from Nuit Moore including herbals,
aromatheraputics, handblended incenses, oils, and brews, healing crystals
and gemstones, handcrafted jewelry, altar and divination goods and more.

Sosanna’s Closet
Unique gifts for the unique witch!  We offer a wide selection of eclectic products
ranging from attire to art and everything in between.  We work in fabrics, clay and
assorted metals.  We strive to produce a quality product that is not only made with
positive energy but also a solid positive impact on our earth!  Look for our
recycled and upcycled creations at Sosanna’s Closet.

Sylvan Celtic Fellowship
Sylvan Celtic Fellowship is a Metrolina based Celto-Druidic group dedicated to creating
a Celtic hearth based culture and Druids to serve it. We embrace ALL forms of Celtic worship
like Celtic-influenced Wicca, Celtic Reconstructionism, Romantic Revivalist Druidry,
Neo-Druidry and even Celtic Christianity. We feel that ALL are valid per the individual
and can be beneficial to the needs of the tribal hearth culture we are trying to create for the future

Sylvan Hearth Pagan Temple
The Sylvan Heart Pagan Temple is a sacred space available for the use of individuals
or groups for ritual, study, meditation and celebration. We are diverse and
inclusive. The merchandise we will be vending are Pagan Crafts made by our
members to support the temple and its work, which includes several pastoral care
chaplaincies, a food bank, environmental projects, religious education and youth
programs, not to mention the upkeep of the property and buildings the temple owns.

Taylor’s Jewelry aka ‘Stone Mage”
Selling Handmade Wire Wrapped Pendants with Semi Precious stones.
Sterling Silver (High Quality) Pentacles, Dragons, Sterling Silver Rings, Chains.
Statues from various paths  ie: Celtic Gods, Egyptian Gods, Norse Gods…
Looking forward to returning again and thank you all for the support over the years
and to the hardworking staff of this event who put their souls into giving us
all a spiritual event that we can celebrate and express our spirituality  and smile!

Tea House of The Goddess
I will be(in costume) weaving on a portable loom/spinning on a wheel,
telling stories about the art and  lore of this almost lost craft.
I talk of folk and fairy tales associated with the craft and
Goddess and pagan connotations  Perhaps a  related song or two as well.
I have worked many times with children and groups of children of all ages,
I know how to keep them entertained and slip in a little education too.

The Gemstone Forest

The Violet Robin
The Violet Robin sells all natural hoodoo and voodoo products
anything to help meet your desire !

TwistedLinx Jewelry 
TwistedLInx handmade chain and charmed jewelry. I use all proceeds to provide
medical care for animals. I have a small rescue called The Kitten Connection (on
Facebook) which is for abandoned and stray kittens. I provide medical care, vaccines
and spay/neuter surgeries then rehome. Most of my babies come from feral colonies
or are orphaned soon after birth and require frequent bottle feedings. At this time I
have 6 kittens looking for homes. My jewelry hobby pays the bills for my inability
to leave a baby stranded. I also recently took in a very small geriatric chihuahua
that was thrown from a car. He has some major medical bills stacking up fast, but he
deserves the chance to be loved and live a good, happy life. I also assist feeding a
feral colony of cats and trap/neuter/ and return to control over population while
allowing the cats to live out their lives.  TwistedLinx is chained, charmed and a
little twisted…..Fun, fashionable and affordable jewelry that helps four legged
babies get the care that they need.

Unique Handmade Gifts

Unity Center for Spiritual Living
WHO WE ARE: Unity Center for Spiritual Living (UCFSL) is a heart-centered
Non-Denominational spiritual community, grounded in the Universal Truth Teachings
of New Thought and Ageless Wisdom. We honor spirituality, conscience and
high moral ethics and do not espouse an exclusive dogma or creed. We are a community
of spiritual seekers expressing our spirituality in the way that all enlightened ones have
taught – that there is One Loving Force in the Universe that resides in ALL of us.
As such, we are dedicated to teaching the The Ageless Wisdom grounded in
New Thought principles, Spiritual Healing and Progressive Revelation as they pertain
to today’s Spiritual Seeker.
About Soulful Sages Products: Herbal Lotions, Soaps, aura sprays, and skincare
products made with Mother Nature’s gifts and tender loving care.

Winterwolf Charms 
Winterwolf Charms metaphysical shoppe
is located in Morganton, NC inside the Jamestown Flea Market.
We sell wands, staves, incense, spell candles,
spell components, jewelry, books and so much more!

WitchEver Design
Let a little magick into your life with WitchEver Designs! Inspired by spirituality
rooted in Celtic Wicca, nocturnal magick, faeries, and hoodoo, I am a Raleigh-based
eclectic pagan crafter. All the items I create are blessed with intention and timed
with moon phases and signs to maximize their energy. I have a wide variety of
hand-crafted items including: spirit dolls, dream catchers, polymer clay goddesses,
jewelry, and more! Look for special $1 items at my booth!

Wolf’s Moon Forge
Blacksmith & Hand forge Iron Items.

Your contributions to Piedmont Pagan Pride help support our mission and purpose! Even small amounts of love are welcomed and cherished.