Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

2015 Workshops

Our Inspirations: The Elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth


airair Air: Education

Air is the element of clarity and communication, therefore,
education is an important part of what Pagan Pride is all about.
We attempt each year to have classes that will appeal
to Pagans and non-pagans alike.




Meditation with Lady Raven

In this quick Meditation overview class, we will discover the process of Raven S
Meditation, the stages of meditation as well as the differences between
solitary astral meditation and guided meditations.  You will learn
that everyone can meditate! It is not hard and it is a fantastic tool
to help you to relax, ground and relieve stress.  Meditation can help
lower your blood pressure, relieve anxiety and help you to have a
strong spiritual connection with your higher self!

Lady Raven has been a tarot reader, teacher and spiritual herbalist
for over 10 years.  She is a Third Degree High Priestess and
the head of the Coven of the Blue Moon Dragon in York, SC,
an eclectic teaching coven.  She has been practicing Wicca for a little
over 20 years as a solitary and a little over 10 in a coven environment.
She teaches meditation at her store Raven Moon Emporium as well as many other classes.


The God Within with Tony Brown

TonyIn this discussion we will look to Greek Mythology
for ways to describe the nature of mankind’s spirit and
the psychological dynamics that govern it. By pairing Mythic
symbolism with the freudian structural model we will attempt
to better understand our own core spiritual identity. We will also
explore the dual-natured spirit of the human psyche as revealed
in the Orphic Myth of mankind’s origins in order to illuminate
truths regarding our own internal struggles.

Tony has been an Eclectic Wiccan for over two decades. He is proud
to have been a founding member of the NC Piedmont Church
of Wicca, where he has served as clergy for the last dozen or so years.
Tony is a devotee of Dionysos, the Greek God of rebirth,
transformation, tragedy, comedy, unresolved paradox and wine.


Where Fire Meets Water: The Three Worlds of Druidic Spirituality
with Scott Holbrook

Druidry’s reputation as a religion of mystical tree-huggers is well-founded,Scott
but what is less well known is the deeper spiritual concepts underpinning the idea of the Celtic love of trees. Come and learn about the three worlds of the Druid cosmos, connected root and branch by the great World Tree, and how they define the very basis of Druid ritual, worship, and philosophy, from our veneration of the Earth to our relationship with the various beings with whom we share the planet.

Scott is the Grove Organizer of Raven’s Hollow Protogrove, ADF, based in Lancaster, SC. He has a passion for folk magic, comparative mythology, and working with the spirits of the natural world. Enraptured with the mysteries of the Norse runes and with the spirit of the Deer from an early age, he reads by casting and communicating with a set of the Elder Futhark carved into the antlers of a caribou. Scott has a deep love for the helping and healing of others, and in addition to his study of Southern rootwork, is certified in the second level of Reiki energy healing. On the more practical side of things, Scott is an artist who works with pencils, pastels, and paints to create sacred and magical imagery. Commissions available upon request.

Wyrd and Orlog:
Perceptions of Time and Predetermination in Northern European Spirituality
with Corbie Williams

CorbieIn this discussion, we will explore how our Heathen Ancestors experienced the spiritual dimensions of Time;
we will look at how they understood “Fate”, or rather what they called “Wyrd and Orlog”. We will discuss how those concepts are still viable means of perceiving and interacting with everyday present reality, and how we can use this understanding to better build, shape, and weave our respective futures.

Corbie, living in Charlotte NC., is a proud co-founder of Irminsol Heathen fellowship; IHF, founded in 2008, is an organization in the Carolinas that has helped bring together followers of the Aesir and Vanir, the ancient gods of the Norse and Germanic people. He has been  Asatru for over 15 years, and is well respected regionally in the Carolina Heathen community. He leads Heið-Nornir Hearth, a group for Heathens in the Charlotte and nearby areas. He has given several workshops about the Northern Folkway, and has been active as clergy in local Interfaith activities ‘twixt the Heathen and Pagan communities.


Sacred Woman: Claim Your Inner Goddess with Heather Gaffney Darnell


We as women, are manifestations of the Goddess.
In this workshop, we will discuss ideas about offering ourselves unconditional love.
How do you honor your body, mind, and emotions as Sacred?
How can we as Sistars honor each other as we step more fully into wholeness? With our Be-ings grounded to the Earth,
our arms to the sky, hearts open, and boundaries strong,
together we will step more fully into the amazing
authenticity that we are


Heather is a Reclaiming Witch, intuitive Tarot reader,
and energy healer from Charlotte, NC.
Heather’s role as a community Priestess include
creating ritual, and providing opportunities for
growth and transformation. Her desire is to empower
individuals to embrace their Authentic Selves,
with their roots deep and feet firmly planted on the Earth.


Men’s Mysteries Temple


Simple, yet some might say graphic, Temple to the God of Love Eros.
Here Men can reflect upon the Dual aspects of Masculinity.
Love and Power within themselves.

Class Description: Some Adult themes will be talked about so please don’t be offended by open discussion of adult topics.

The class will tell the Story of the Birth of Eros, the masculine Greek depiction of the God of Love and its relation to us today. How quantum physics, alchemic soul transformation and Magick collide with and transforms our modern worlds Obsession with Uber-Masculinity.  Narcissus  and Nemesis today. Worldwide folly and Magickal practice.  Avoiding the Trap of Ego while retaining your walk upon your own path. Activating a conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel (higher self/ god or goddess) by grounding your Energy work in Gaia (Mother Earth)

Scott McKinney
I began my path very young and was originally taught by my grandmother astrology, psychic development and toot medicine plant lore.  My first mentor taught me control of my astral spirit body and control of chakra kundalini energy.  I have worked most of my life with animals in the Veterinary field and work with our pets souls as they depart this world.  Currently am working on Intentional living Off Grid on a small piece of land next to Pisgah National Forest in Blowing Rock NC. Working with the Spirit of the Land is what really calls to my soul.  My spiritual home is with the Misfit Sanctuary where I am the Sage.

May the Force be with You!


This class/demo will talk about your spirit,
your life force, your chi and demonstrate
how to tap into that “FORCE”
with a martial arts demonstration.

Christopher Annon
Chris’s primary roles as local coordinator are community outreach
and leading children’s activities. On Sundays, you will find him teaching
kids Tree of Life learning circle, a Pagan answer to Sunday school for children.
Chris is also a certified black belt, energetic healing practitioner,
and shamanic and animal medicine reader. His hope and intention as a community leader, healer and reader is to lead others to the path of wholeness,
oneness and light. His spiritual home is with the Misfit Sanctuary.



Community Round Table Discussion
round table

In years past, we have had an interfaith panel
featuring community leaders of different faith groups.
This year, we would like to introduce a round table discussion,
where we can have open Q and A. This way the community gets
to ask the questions, and we will have a genuine opportunity
to get to know each other. So come, sit back, relax,
and come prepared for enlightening and stimulating conversation!



2015’s Kids Zone is proudly sponsored by
Tree of Life Children’s Learning Circle


psTree of Life Children’s Learning Circle
It is our belief that our children should be a part of our traditions.
We strive to do that by teaching basic ritual knowledge and skills
and a base knowledge of deity to help the kids understand what is
going on and grow to be strong leaders in our community.

Class is held every Sunday morning from 11-Noon at Goat Island Park in Cramerton, NC.
Come join us! Many Blessings!


Kids Zone

10:00-11:00  Opening Celebration and Veteran’s Honoring

11:00-11:30  Pan Race

11:30-12:00  Goddess Meditation
Come join Mrs. Trilby as she takes you on a marvelous and magical journey to meet the Goddess and she what she has to tell you.

12:00-1:00  Kid Friendly Spray Smudge
Fire and kids just dont mix. Come join Ms. Sarra and Mr. Glendon as they show you an easy, water-based solution
that smells great, cleanses and empowers, and is safe for all to enjoy.

1:00- 2:00  Playing with Tree Spirits
Come join Ms. Saidae as she helps introduce you to Stowe Park’s Tree Spirits.
Then you will be using natural medium to design a picture of the Tree Spirits you meet.

2:00-3:00  Believe in the Spirit in You
Come join Mr. Chris as he teaches a kid friendly version of his Martial Magic class.
You will build self confidence as you tap into your inner spirit through martial arts.

3:00-4:00  Grounding with Elements
Come join Mr. Travis and Mr. Chris as they teach you to use the magical elements to calm you when life gets crazy.

4:00-5:00  Clean Celebration area to prepare for Harvest/One Spirit Celebration

5:00-6:00   Straight from the Heart Concert

6:00-7:00  Harvest/One Spirit Celebration

Your contributions to Piedmont Pagan Pride help support our mission and purpose! Even small amounts of love are welcomed and cherished.