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The Many Faces of the Morrígan: Worship of the Great Queens, Past, and Present

The Morrígan is one of the most complex beings in all of Irish, or more broadly, Celtic paganism—and describing Herself is no simple task. At once a singular Goddess, a triad of three sister Goddesses (though just who belongs in that grouping changes now and again), and a whole host of spirits akin to the Norse Valkyries or Classical Furies, the shapeshifting Great Queen presides over both war and peace, the initiation of soldiers and the setting up—and tearing down—of rulers. Indeed, even Her modern worship has seen a dramatic changing in shape—from Herself being viewed with barely concealed horror and Her (few) followers looked at with suspicion, to an almost-overnight explosion into a popularity in devotion, dedication, and worship unprecedented at any point since pre-Christian Ireland. In this workshop, we will look at each of the Morrígans in turn, exploring Their ancient lore, connections, functions, and worship, and examine what some of Their modern following looks like in practice, as well some speculation as to some of the reasons for the sudden upswell in the Morrígan’s cultural relevance.

Scott Holbrook13501979_10208245973639882_7730832385249633186_n

Based in Gastonia, North Carolina, Scott Holbrook is the ADF Deputy Regional Druid of North Carolina and the Grove Organizer for Raven’s Hollow Protogrove, a local congregation of ADF: A Druid Fellowship. Scott is a medievalist with a passion for ancient literature, comparative mythology, and folkloristics, and his personal religious practices reflect his interests in Southern conjure, folk magic, and the spirits of the natural world, as well as rune magic, devotional polytheism, and a dedication to the Morrígan. Along with his wife, Amber, Scott is a co-owner and artist of Cait Sidhe Designs, a shop that caters primarily to the Pagan community and specializes in homemade original artwork, devotional jewelry, and spiritual supplies.


Dionysus, God of the Witches

We’ll discuss the various ways in which the Greek God Dionysos conforms to the traditional archetype of the Wiccan Horned God. We will also explore methods of incorporating Dionysian symbology and practice into the Wiccan ritual framework.

Tony Brown14009802_1248516375193244_1192251943_n

Tony Brown is an Eclectic Wiccan and serves as clergy with the NC Piedmont Church of Wicca. He is also the Director of the Foothills Interfaith Assembly. Tony is a devotee of Dionysos, the Greek God of rebirth, transformation, tragedy, comedy, unresolved paradox and wine.

Odin, God of Death?

Join us for a discussion of Odin Allfather much more comprehensive in scope than what you may be used to. See Odin in a new light, before he became a Marvel character. Come to appreciate how the Gray Wanderer uses Death to achieve his ends–and what those ends are exactly. Come meet the God of the Barrows, the blár-cloaked horseman.

Darrell Fishel13987148_10208966490873779_1395368989_o

Darrell Fishel is a former Baptist Minister of Music turned Pagan after meeting the Mother on a pivotal Samhain night many years ago. As an eclectic practitioner with a focus on Germanic Heathen traditions, he is deeply moved by the legacy and magic of the Northern tribes as well as other nature-based paths and esoteric magical systems. Darrell’s primary focus has been on the Runes, their various magical uses and sharing that magic with other through “intro to runes” classes taught locally and in the surrounding area.


Bast: A Discussion of the History and Worship of the Devouring Lady

A journey to meet and talk about one of the most revered Goddesses in Kemetic (Egyptian) Orthodoxy.

Amber Holbrook13165969_10208918441538968_4080228885781997050_n

Amber is a Strega and has served for the past six years as Maiden in her spiritual home, the Misfit Sanctuary. She takes an interest in all things magical and has a particular gift in cat magic. She has been a devotee of Bast for a decade and a Shemsu dedicated to Bast-Mut in the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer for over half that time. Amber is a talented artist, creating sacred jewelry and imagery, as well as practicing the divinatory art of bone reading. She runs an online shop with her husband, Scott, and spends her days dividing her time between writing songs and poetry for the Gods, doting on her fur-babies, and nerding it up with her friends.


A Devoted Servant: Honoring Deity Through Service

A servant’s heart is a joyful thing, and service to a personal deity can be one of the most fulfilling forms of worship. Join Sarah Mellon, a long-time servant of Brigid to discover the joys, methods, and hardships of this exciting form of worship.

Sarah Mellonrevsarah

Sarah Mellon is a dirt witch that lives in the South Mountains area with her family and critters. She has served Brigid since she was 13, and currently is a flamekeeper with the Brigitine group Flame and Well and is also a springkeeper.  In the past she has served both the Misfit Sanctuary and Panoleptos as clergy. She is a High Priestess Emeritus with the North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca. Sarah enjoys fibercrafts, baking with her daughters, and doing outdoor activities with her family.


Chiron: Teacher, Healer, Prophet

Be introduced to these three faces of the Lord of the Centaurs and a demonstration of his gifts.

Rook MacMorrighan13319776_10206840206392152_6051642456654507022_n

Rook MacMorrighan (Christopher Annon) is the host of “Storytime with Rook”, a family show aimed to teach our kids about our religion, about our Gods and Goddesses, and about how to be more involved in ritual and community. Rook is the Headmaster of the Tree of Life Children’s Learning Circle. He is also the High Priest of the Tribe of Truth Sanctuary. Both are eclectic neo-pagan based. Rook is a Priest of the Morrighan, Vice President of Piedmont Pagan Pride and is a very active member of the Misfit Sanctuary. Rook has studied many paths and under many teachers. He jokingly calls his path “Borg Paganism” because he assimilates what he learns.


Wolf’s Moon Forge Blacksmithing Demonstration

Jason will be teaching an introduction to smithing and how to make some of your own tools for magical use. For reasons of practicality, it will be held at the Wolf’s Moon F0rge vendor’s booth.

Jason Lester400013_321739974526411_25492450_n

A fourth-generation metal worker from the mountains of North Carolina.


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