Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

2016 Merchants

Piedmont Pagan Pride would like to Thank
our 2016 Merchants for sharing
of themselves & their wares 🙂

Hope yall will join us again in 2017



Please take a moment to meet our Marvelous  Merchants
for  Piedmont Pagan Pride 2016

You’re bound to find something you need
you want or that unique piece that you can’t live without!

Ambur Rose Designs
Ambur Rose is a blatant kick-your-spirit-into-gear psychic and artist. Her artistry ranges from one of a kind fairy jewelry creations to fantasy art, due to her hairbrained schedule, this is one of the only events she does readings.

Amber Moon Gifts

Any Witch Way
Any Witch Way is a family owned and operated store in Concord, NC. We carry over 200 herbs, many of them organic and a variety of organic teas. We also have large selection of books ranging from beginners to advanced as well as specialized books focusing on divination, gemstones, herbs, incense, meditation, and much more! Any Witch Way also carries a great selection of tarot cards, rune sets, pendulums, gemstones, incense, candles, cauldrons, etc. We also carry gift and decorative items such as canvas prints, tapestries, wind chimes, and statuary. Every month we try to add even more new items and increase our inventory!

Aries Moon Mystical Gifts
We have a variety of herbs, candles, crystals, jewelry and other gift items. Our store supports the CCWSG in Lenoir.

Bare Tree Essentials
Bare Tree Essentials offers a blend of herbal teas, natural body care products, & fun, reusable, crocheted & sewn items. We are also featuring our sister company, Apothecary, Herbal Elixirs! Locally family owned company with healthy & clean products!

Blackmore’s Treasures
Handcrafted Gifts to Adorn Yourself and Your Home

The Broom Brothers
Handmade besoms & corn brooms for ceremonial, practical and decorative uses.

Carolina Box Turtles
Rescue, Rehab, Conservation and education of our state reptile, the Eastern Box Turtle

Caldwell County Wicca Study Group
We are a local group of solitary Wiccans that get together every other week for studying a pagan path. We welcome all. We have open circles and encourage visitors.

The Celtic Rainbow: Stained Glass & Jewelry by Sir Gregory
Sir Gregory of The Celtic Rainbow has been handcrafting stained glass sun catchers and jewelry for more than 15 years. He vends at Renaissance Festivals, Scottish Highland Games, Celtic Music Festivals, Irish Festivals, and Street Fairs. His artwork encompasses Celtic, Pagan, and Renaissance themes.

Coasie Creations
“Coasie Creations” has an assortment of handmade crafts, jewelry and provides readings utilizing the craft of Tarot and Pendulum.

Every Witch Way
Hand crafted items including jewelry, stickers, altar tools, various accessories, and more! All made by two very close friends who are independent pagans. Our items are all cleansed and ready to find their homes.

Fevered Dreams
A place to find artwork , jewelry or gifts to ease any fevered dream.

Fine Crafts

Gypsy Whims
Handcrafted, one of a kind jewelry, ritual items, and other pagan finery.

Handcrafted Gifts
Dream Catchers, Earrings, Necklace, Necklace w/ Earrings sets, sage, Bows, Witches Brooms, Rings, Variety crystal/stone bracelets, Genuine suede anklet, etc.

HOA Mastercasters
HOA Mastercasters offer an array of beautiful cement and gypsum castings for the home and landscape, both 2D and 3D. Beautify your garden, room or ritual area with images of the Lord and Lady, dragons, gargoyles, fairies and more.

International Pagan Radio
International Pagan Radio is known the world round; both in and out of the Pagan communities. It’s a place where all can come, not just for music, but also for spiritual, educational, and fun shows. It’;s also a place where all can come and gain stronger unity for the entire Pagan community and beyond. No matter what country we’re from or the path we follow, we can all come to this station and be one people, one voice, with a dream, and a brighter future.

Julie’s Booth
I am a jewelry designer. I work mostly with semi-precious stones, different types of glass beads, and I also recycle vintage jewelry into new creations. I am interested in a cop a squat space, but request a 10X10 if there are no $20 spaces left available. Thanks and Have a great day!

Kemajik Gems
We are spiritual beings enjoying the human experience! Crafting and creating beautiful & magical treasures filled with amazing positive energy for your body and your space! Copper jewelry, Gemstones, and orgonite are our thing!

KC’s Dragon Maille
Chain Maille and Steampunk jewelry, made with love.

Kerridwen’s Crystal Cottage
My name is Diane Sacripanti and my motto is: “Making Magick Easy”. At times our lives are so full we have a hard time finding time for Magick. That’s where Kerridwen’s Crystal Cottage comes in! All of my Witchy Wares are authentic handcrafted offerings created according to each moon phase and charged with intent. I’ve completed the second degree in Reikiand bless each offering. Each offering comes with simple instructions and/or descriptions for the beginner or the experienced “witch”. I love creating unique Magickal offerings while working with herbs, oils, stones, flowers, and other ingredients. Many of the herbs and flowers used to craft my wares are grown in my witch garden and each recipe is carefully created after many hours of research and preparation. I love animals and enjoy nature as well as many other beautiful creations the Universe has offered to me. My favorite stone is the Quartz Crystal and if you visit my home you will find many shapes and sizes in each room. I donated 15 years of my life operating a non-profit grass roots dog rescue and have been blessed with years of unconditional love provided by each and every dog rescued. My days are now filled with crafting Magickal Wares to share with others. I practice Wicca and live day to day with the belief of “Harm None”. I feel fortunate that each day brings new opportunities for me to grow spiritually, as well as intellectually.

La Loba Del Rio
Taylor Appalachia lives a quiet, slow life in the foothills of Appalachia. She creates jewelry from raw materials such a scrapped leather, bones found from the forest floor, raw wool, and scrapped furs and feathers.

Lapidify is my effort to celebrate natural forms by using flowing wire weaving techniques which show off the natural beauty in stones, bones, and found objects. I subscribe to an animist approach in all my work, and believe that each subject I work with has its own spirit. My job is to do what I think makes each spirit happiest and to connect those pieces with new homes.

Made with Majick
Made with Majick features Tarot Card Wrap Ups, the perfect reading cloth/tarot card case combination. We will also have a variety of other crafted items perfect for an enchanted life. Endern Alivera, a powerful medium, will be giving a few readings throughout the day so sign up early to reserve your spot.

Mama Gnome’s Gnest
Mama Gnome will have new tales to weave and bright yarns to spin! Stop by and see her magical booth as heritage crafts come alive!

M and M Rocks and Gems
Source for tumbled.stones crystals pewter jewelry and ceramics

Mantis Minerals
Offering rocks, crystals, and minerals in raw, polished, and carved forms.

Miscellaneous Magick
Garden Magick and More!

Misfit Sanctuary
Misfit Sanctuary is a bunch of Eclectic Misfit Witches whom Honor & hold Sacred many Traditions, yet honoring our own individual paths. While we are based in Gaston County, our ministry reaches well beyond it’s boarders.
Misfits is a family… a loud bunch of crazy people, Dedicated in Honoring the Great Gods & Goddesses of Old,
and in keeping the Old Ways alive! We worship together, we laugh together, we grow together,
we celebrate one another & we support each other, while helping others along the way.
All those of the light are always welcome!!!

Make sure to drop by Misfit Sanctuary’s Booth to get all the juicy details for Misfit’s Witches Ball & Bazaar.
Try your luck @ our Raffle for a pair of Witches Ball tickets. Ball Tickets will also be available for purchase,
save yourself some time & ink & get yours while you’re there!!! Raffle Tickets will also be for purchase,
for a one of a kind Witch’s Hat, made exclusively for 2016’s Misfit’s Witches Ball!!!
If you’ve not saw all the pics floating around FB, come by & see it for yourself….. and if the odds are in your favor
it could be yours for only $2!!! While you’re there, peruse our array of Misfit Goodies,
pick out your favorite Season of the Witch pendant…. or grab yourself a Misfit Mug.
We are looking forward to sharing in a beautiful day of community & Celebrating our Pagan Pride 🙂

MoonWorks Emporium
Etched Glass, Embroidered Altar Cloths, Handcrafted Jewelry & More!

Mystic Artisans
Mystic Artisans create high quality hand crafted objects & art. From pyrography to etching, every piece is one of a kind in both brilliance and focus.

Mystik Dragons
Mystik Dragons is returning for our fourth year! Once more bringing fun stuff for the little witchlets, including wands of different kinds (ok, toy wands and small bubble wands), adding plush this year, and a few other little goodies! Returning this year are flower crowns, cups with fun and slightly snarky things on them (and possibly a few NSFW put back for grown ups only!) as well as jewelry of different kinds. Definitely planning to have more than this, just a matter of planning, creating, and packing!

Mystic Wolf’s Den
I make a variety of soaps from scratch in small batches, as well as herbal salves & lip balms.  I also grow numerous herbs and hot peppers and dehydrate them for sale. This will be my first time at PPD and am looking forward to joining the festivities and being around other pagans.

Mystic Wood Creations
Mystic Wood Creations takes rescued wood and helps it become magickal items such as wands (pocket and regular), staffs, boxes, altars, jewelry and sculptures. I use each wood’s own magickal properties to help it become a comfortable item for your specific use.

Nanny Dree’s Magical Creatures
Nanny Dree’s is the foster home of Mystical Stuffed Creatures, unique garb, and curios- all of them looking for their forever homes.

North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca (NCPCOW)
The NC Piedmont Church of Wicca was founded in 1999 to provide access to Wiccan teachings and religious services to sincere spiritual seekers in and around the Carolina Piedmont region. Our rituals are eclectic in nature and emphasize the experiential relationship between humanity and the Divine. Our rites often include dramatized myth as a method of forging and reinforcing our connection with Divinity. NCPCOW events are inclusive, family oriented, and kid friendly. The church also hosts an annual weekend festival, The Beltane Brouhaha.

Pamela’s Booth
Pamela Shook brings 44 years experience reading Tarot, and is the inventor of the Tarot Flow game. She is also an Alchemical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master specializing in dream work, and clearing past life & childhood issues. In addition to readings and private sessions, the heart of her practice is awakening the Inner Child through Sacred Play workshops. Stop by to learn more, get a reading, or to purchase powerful Dream Pillows and unique upcycled tarot bags.

Paparazzi Jewelry
I sell 5.00 jewelry, rings, necklaces, headbands, hairbows, earrings etc.

Pentacle & Potion Shop
Looking forward to seeing everyone, and enjoying the day…

Poornamidam Jewelry & Freedom Absolute Yoga
Poornamidam Jewelry is often inspired by Eastern Philosophies and the traditions that surround the Yoga lifestyle. OM abounds in our designs as well as Lotus and images of dedication. We also offer playful jewelry in Silver, Copper, Nickel, Brass and Gold with Gems, Wood, Epoxy and various natural materials. New to this years display will be custom stamped pet and human tags and accessories. Look us up on Etsy as poornamidam or pokeytag. Our businesses are joyfully created at our humble studios that also house Freedom Absolute Yoga in Troutman, NC in the charming old Perry Farmhouse on Perry Road. Please visit and like our Facebook pages Freedom Absolute Yoga and DB Marketing. Namaste, Don and Rose

Pop My Top Drinks
Just simple canned drinks and bottled water to keep you hydrated on a warm day

Ray’s Booth
selling staffs, canes and wands

Rose Fae Creations
Rose Fae Creations will have a variety of handmade jewelry that will include earrings, necklaces, and jewelry sets. All of my earrings are made using nickle free hypoallergenic earring hooks/post. Most of my designs include metal charms, glass beads, and/or gemstone beads. I also make wire wrapped tree of life pendants which are great for necklaces, car charms, decorations, etc. I will also have some of my wood burnt designs available in kitchen wands, tarot/jewelry/alter boxes, altar tiles, incense burners, and more! Custom orders are also accepted!

Rosemary’s Path
Handcrafted smudge sticks, herbal mixes, teas, salves, herb candles, and loose incense. There will also be a small selection of jewelry.

Sacred Moon Naturals
We at Sacred Moon Naturals create healing all natural herbal bath and body products with love and respect for Gaia & for the properties brought to each product from the specific herbs and botanicals used. We have a great selection of fresh, hand blended products and can also create custom blends based on your needs. With the help of Mother Nature we look forward to helping you unlock your truest self. One of our biggest crowd pleasers is our meditation bath kits. They come in a variety of blends to help soothe the body, mind and manifest your your hearts desires. We also carry a beautiful collection of crystals and Indonesian imported pieces.

The Sage Emporium
The Sage Emporium sells oils, herbs, HEM incense and other brands. We also sell sage of course, ritual tools for your faith, robes, more. We are also working on our website www.thesageemporium.com. We have over 6000 products that we can get.

Say it with Steel
I have over 700 stainless steel rings available for sale – some as low as $1.00 ( and some as high as $20.00 ) At this time, I also have a rather small assortment of bracelets & chains ( Meant to re-order like a month or so ago ) Please stop by to say hey even if you can’t stand to wear anything on your fingers…my selections are like a small art show….

Shakti Goddess Arts
Ceremonial herbals, apothecary supplies, wise woman wellness, crystals and gemstones, handcrafted jewelry, sacred art and altar tools, and much more.

Silver Moon Soap and Essential Oils
Beautiful handcrafted goats milk soap, lotion and lip balm. New this year essential oil necklaces and blends!

Silver Sisters Cottage
We are practicing Pagans from Fayetteville, NC, Conveners of "White Owl's Hollow" and would love for you to come sit a spell with us. Talk about crafting, sharing thoughts, learning and growing in a positive manner. Bring positive energy to our humble booth. We’ll have Herbs, Oils, Books, Incense, Candles, Altar kits, Hand painted trinket boxes, Altar boxes, Pagan plaques, Altar clothes, Cloaks, Stones, Jewelry, Bath salts, Soaps, Figurines, specialty dolls, Pendulums, Cauldrons, Paintings, and other ritual tools for your crafting needs. We except Visa, MasterCard, and debit.

Sosanna’s Closet
Unique Gifts for the Unique Witch Pagan Life T-Shirts & Hoodies for the whole family. Handmade wire wrap jewelry, pottery and more.

Soulful Sages and Goddess Gifts
Janice Maleyeff, Energy Medicine & Soulful Sages’ was created by Janice to offer a holistic approach to wellness, education and personal/spiritual awareness for you and the community. Guided by her angels and spirit guides, Janice created all her skincare products in a loving and peaceful environment using Mother Earth’s plants and essential oils. Janice’s products include cold-pressed soaps, healing lotions, aura sprays, clays, cleansers, and more! Ask Janice about her upcoming interactive workshops!

South of the Bully Rescue
South of the Bully Rescue is a 100% volunteer-run, foster-based organization that facilitates the rescue and placement of homeless dogs identified at pit bulls. Through public donations, South of the Bully provides all necessary veterinary care, including spay and neuter and any basic needs. Our mission is to promote ethical rescue practices, responsible ownership, financial transparency and to act as an intermediary to individuals or groups looking for support for pit bulls. Our vision is to strengthen and preserve the public image of pit bull type dogs through education and awareness.

Spirits and Spells Emporium
Handmade boxes, jewelry, magical sprays, elixirs, and spell candle kits created using 30+ years of experience.

Sugar Momma’s Kettle Corn
Sugar Momma’s Kettle Corn offers the most delicious hand popped kettle corn you will ever taste! Pop on by and give Momma some sugar!

Taylor’s Jewelry
Taylors Jewelry returns for 2016 this year with the items you adore! Sterling silver pentacles, dragons, rings, handmade wire wrapped pendants and statues! Thank you for all the years of support!! Many many blessings!

Twisted Rose Creations
Handmade wire wrapped stones and crystals, leather bracelets, stone and crystal bracelets and earrings

The Twisted Tree
We specialize in hand crafted, spiritual, ritual and curio pieces of a variety of makes and styles. We work with conservation and creativity foremost in mind. Each piece is a unique one of a kind item and a labor of love.

Two Chicks and a Truck
We are a local food truck serving up Charlotte’s best — Philly Cheese-steak along with some other great food!

Über Kio
Feather Wings, Miniature Top Hats, costume accessories, and random acts of whimsy!

Unleash the Goddess
I carry an eclectic mix of fabulous, comfortable men’s and women’s clothing for all sizes, dichroic glass art jewelry, steampunk accessories, art, belly dance attire, hand enameled jewelry, and pagan coloring books!

Witch School International Piedmont Triad Pagan Ministries
Witch School Your online Pagan and Wiccan Education. Lady of Light Shrine & Piedmont Triad Pagan Ministries bringing the Pagan community together.

Wolf’s Moon Forge
Wolf’s Moon Forge is a small blacksmith shop located on the edge of South Mountain state park. Its main focus is hand forged iron work and converting every day items into art. It also focuses on self sufficient living, home steading, and personal independence. We make everything from colonial candlestick holders to Medieval arms and armor. We are happy to do custom work as well. On site we have a metal and fabrication shop, small farm, an old world blacksmith shop, bee hives, garden, and much more.

Wyrd Armouries
If you can dream it, chances are one of us can make it! Cynthia is also costumer and leather worker, and Nathaniel is a blacksmith, as well as creator of prop weapons and other oddities. With enough random skills for a medieval village, together we create unique work to adorn and amuse.

Your contributions to Piedmont Pagan Pride help support our mission and purpose! Even small amounts of love are welcomed and cherished.