Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

2016 Schedule

            Piedmont Pagan Pride 2016 Schedule




Vendor arrival and set-up.
Cars must be out at 9:00am.

 10:00am Opening Celebration
with Raven’s Hollow Protogrove, ADF
10:30am Pan Race to Demeter
with Panoleptos
 11:00am The Many Faces of the Morrígan: Worship of the Great Queens, Past and Present
with Scott Holbrook
Dionysos, God of the Witches
with Tony Brown
 12:00pm Odin, God of Death?
with Darrell Fishel
Bast: A Discussion of the History and Worship of the Devouring Lady
with Amber Holbrook
1- 2:30pm

Interfaith Panel


 A Devoted Servant: Honoring Deity Through Service
with Sarah Mellon

Chiron: Teacher, Healer, Prophet with Rook MacMorrighan Wolf’s Moon Forge Blacksmithing Demonstration with Jason Lester
3:30pm Wendy Rule
5:30pm Raffle
6:00pm Harvest Celebration:
Awakening the Divinity Within
7:00pm Break Down





2016’s Kids Zone is proudly Sponsored by
Tree of Life Children’s Learning Circle

Helping young Pagans to grow strong roots
by providing a safe place to ask questions,
learn, and grow in the Pagan Faith.


Kids Zone Schedule

10:30am Pan Race to Demeter
with Panleptos
11:00am Hestia: Goddess of Home Security
Craft: Spray Smudge
12:00pm Horus: God of Bubbles
Craft: Bubble Wands
1:00pm Arawn: God of Your Garden
Craft: Fairy Gardens
2:30pm Frigg: Goddess of Destiny
Craft: Pendulums



Your contributions to Piedmont Pagan Pride help support our mission and purpose! Even small amounts of love are welcomed and cherished.