Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

2017 Pagan Pride Day Altars

As has became a Piedmont Pagan Pride Tradition,

we will once again feature our Sabbat/Holy Day and Devotional Altars.

Which help us share & learn about various Pagan Traditions!

If you are interested in crafting an altar, please contact Sinaloa Mar at crazycats10@yahoo.com. 

Wheel of the Year Altars:

  • Shadowfest/ Samhain-English Bob and Drija
  • Winter Solstice/ Yule- 
  • Imbolc/ Candlemas/ Lupercus- English Bob and Drija
  • Spring Equinox/ Ostara- Glendon Welch
  • Beltane/ Tana’s Day- 
  • Summer Solstice/ Litha-
  • Lughnasadh/ Cornucopia/ Lammas-
  • Autumn Equinox/ Mabon  Robin Deal

Devotional Altars (Will be updated as we go):

  • Ancestral Altar – Raven and Willow McGinnis
  • Brigid – April Ayers 
  • Brigid – Sinnach Swansong
  • Dionysus – Tony Brown
  • Discordian – Tonia Brown
  • Dragon – Jennie Fair
  • Earth – Bri Latta
  • Elton John – Tonie Ervin
  • Epona – Robin Deal
  • Fairy – Trilby Grace
  • Freya – Amy Reed
  • Great Spirit – Carla Smith
  • Morrighan – Rook MacMorrighan


Altar Guidelines:

  • Please have your altar in place by 9:30 the day of our event.

    We would like for everything to be in its place before our day starts!

  • If you aren’t sure if something should or should not go on your altar, consider this; there will be kids.

    We will let common sense be your guide.

  • If you are new to this whole Altar thing, feel free to ask questions, and do your research.


    This is a chance to be fun and creative.

  • Be sure to include information about your altar.

    We may know what they represent, but our guests may not.

  • Those presenting an altar are responsible for providing their own table(s).
  • Our altar space is limited, so please keep it a reasonable size.

    We suggest something comparable to a TV table or small side table for your altar.  


Your contributions to Piedmont Pagan Pride help support our mission and purpose! Even small amounts of love are welcomed and cherished.