Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

2017 Info Booths

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Participating in Piedmont Pagan Pride 2017

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Coven of Leaves

The Coven of Leaves is a Gardnerian Coven operating an Outer Court training group. They like to say that they are a bubbling cauldron of bitter esoterica slithering their way through Western North Carolina. The Covenstead currently consists of 3 acres that are hastily becoming overgrown again, one husband, one daughter, two chickens, and one really really ridiculous dog. We are happy to be providing information, divination, and transformational body art for adults and children alike.

International Pagan Radio

International Pagan Radio is known the world round; both in and out of the Pagan communities. It’s a place where all can come, not just for music, but also for spiritual, educational, and fun shows. We hope to foster a stronger unity for the entire Pagan community and beyond. No matter what country we’re from or the path we follow, we can all come to this station and be one people, one voice, with a dream, and a brighter future. Brad Murphey (Murphey’s Midnight Rounders) says that “Pagan is not a genre, it is a subject.” We agree with him. You will hear Pagan music from around the world and many different genres here at International Pagan Radio. We hope you enjoy our eclectic mix.

Mountain CUUPS

We are the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPs) chapter for the Boone Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Boone, NC. We are open to all paths, and dedicated to forming connections within our community for spiritual education and comradery. We meet for potluck meals and learning circles once a month and hold open celebrations for all Holy Days (Sabbats).

NC Piedmont Church of Wicca

The NC Piedmont Church of Wicca is an eclectic Wiccan faith community serving the Piedmont region of the Carolinas. We were the first Wiccan church to legally incorporate in the state of North Carolina and we’ve been active in the Pagan community for nearly 20 years. The church celebrates both Sabbats and Esbats as well as having a monthly book clubs and social meet-ups. We also host an annual Beltane weekend festival called the Beltane Brouhaha.

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