Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

Booth Application



Please understand that the completion of this form does not guarantee a vending space.
Payments MUST be received to guarantee a space, as we have a limited number of vending spaces. Your space will be assigned the week prior to the event. Please note: we cannot guarantee spaces adjacent to friends/family/etc.

If you wish to participate as a vendor at the Piedmont Pagan Pride Day, please read the following Guidelines & fill out the Vendor Application to the best of your ability & Checkout via Paypal.

If you wish to have a reader at your vending booth, it will be an additional fee of $10 for each Reader

**Alternative Vending Spaces**
Cop-a-Squat Spaces are ideal for those who have a little less stuff and do not need a canopy!
These spaces are less than 10’x10′, on the somewhat uneven ground scattered throughout the park, and are perfect for those who are only doing readings or prefer using a blanket or a small table.
Cop-a-Squat vendors choose their spaces upon their arrival day of the event.



If you wish to participate as an Educational/Information Booth at the Piedmont Pagan Pride Day, please read the following guidelines & fill out the vendor application to the best of your ability.
Checking out via Paypal will not be necessary for informational/educational booths.

In an attempt to bring the community together in service, we encourage members of the groups present as Educational/Informational booths to participate as volunteers for the event (volunteer positions available prior to or day of the event, as well as in ongoing planning!)


PPPD standard vending space includes:
10’×10′ space with a 3′ clearance between each booth,
plus a nice size personal area for merchants behind their booth.
Double & electric vending spaces are very limited and should be Reserved Well in Advance.

Fee Schedule: 

Jan. 12th- May 6th
10×10 $25  Electric $35
10×20 $50  Electric $60
Cop-a-Squat $20

May 7th – Aug. 5th
10×10 $35  Electric $45
10×20 $70  Electric $80
Cop-a-Squat $20

Aug. 6th – Sept. 16th
10×10 $45  Electric $55
10×20 $80  Electric $90
Cop-a-Squat $20

September 16th – September 20th
10×10 $55  Electric $65
Cop-a-Squat $20

If you wish to pay your vending fees by check or money order,  
please see instructions below, otherwise, complete the online application.

 If you still need to pay, please go to the pay page by clicking here. 


Vendor/Info Booth Attendant Agreement: 

  • To Arrive at the site NO EARLIER  than 7 am on the day of the Event.
    • Early arrivals will be turned away at the gate and will have to wait until 7 am.
  • All Merchandise must be set up by 10 am
  • Discrete breaking down may begin @ 6:00 pm. (i.e. no breaking down of canopies or tables)
    • Breaking down before will result in inability to join us again
  • No vehicles are allowed on park grounds until 7 pm
  • Event site must be cleared NO LATER than 8 pm, please take all trash with you.
  • Refunds will only be given to those canceling at least 30 days before the date of PPD.

Vendor/Info Booth Attendant Agreement:

  • I hold blameless Piedmont Pagan Pride for any merchandise or property that is lost, stolen or damaged. I further understand that any loss of revenue due to my taking checks or credit cards that prove to be invalid I will not be compensated by Piedmont Pagan Pride or the agents thereof.
  • I agree to be responsible for my own booth setup, break down, needs (chairs, tables, awnings or tents) and clean up of booth site.
  • I agree to take away my trash at the end of the day of the event.
  • I agree to keep my Vending Space Clear and Free of Debris.
  • I agree to only sell the items that are appropriate for this venue.
  • I will refrain from selling Alcohol and Illegal Substances, Yard Sale & Mundane items
  • I agree to comply with all State, County and Local Ordinances and Regulations.
  • I understand that if I display any items that do not adhere to the above specifications, I will be asked to remove those items and put them out of sight.
  • I agree to leave my animals, except for service animals, at home.
  • I agree to donate ONE Item for a raffle, to be delivered upon arrival to the Info Booth.
  • I agree to notify the Merchant Coordinator if I have special needs due to medical conditions.
  • I agree that if I do not abide by these requirements, I may be ejected from the site with no refund and I may not be allowed to participate in Piedmont Pagan Pride Day in the future.


In exchange, Piedmont Pagan Pride Day agrees to the following stipulations:

  • The Merchant Coordinator or his/her designee will be available for merchants from the time of arrival to the time of departure.
  • Security will be provided during the festival.


*If you wish to pay your Vending Fees by Check or Money Order,
Please make checks or money orders out to Charlotte Pagan Pride
Also, download and print the Vendor Application below.
Complete the application to the best of your ability and return with Payment to:
Piedmont Pagan Pride, P.O. Box 414 Cramerton, NC 28032

Downloadable Vendor Application


For questions and additional information, contact Kristy Powell at:
Vendors@piedmontpaganpride.com or

Vending/Info Booth Application
Saturday, September 23, 10am – 7pm Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park East Catawba Street, Belmont NC 28012
Your contributions to Piedmont Pagan Pride help support our mission and purpose! Even small amounts of love are welcomed and cherished.