Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

Pan to Demeter Race



Come honor Pan with Panoleptos,
as they host  “Race to Demeter” in Honor of Pan.

This year’s Piedmont Pagan Pride Day Celebration will begin
in the Spirit of Camaraderie and Friendly Competition.
Now an Annual activity,
Panoleptos will once again be holding their “Race to Demeter”, the Goddess of the Harvest.
Young and Old are Encouraged to Join in the fun!





DemeterAngry with Poseidon and upset at the rape of Persephone,
Demeter put on black clothing and shut herself up in a cavern for a long time. 
The fruits of the earth perished, and the human race started to die from famine. 
No God knew where Demeter was hiding to stop the suffering.

However, when Pan visited Arkadia, roaming the mountains as he hunted,
he came at last to Mount Elaios and found Demeter in the cave.
Pan raced to Zeus with this information, and he sent the Moirai to Demeter.
She listened to them and put aside her wrath,
and gradually over came her grief as well.








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