Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

Piedmont PPD Updates- Vending, Meeting and Volunteering

Hello everyone,

First of all, a shout out to everyone who have already signed up for vending and have been working on the event thus far. The early vending registration is over, and the registration price is now at $30 for a 10×10 spot.  There are still plenty of spaces, come vend with us!


If you have any additional questions about vending, please contact Chris Annon at vendors@piedmontpaganpride.com

We are four months out, and it’s time to start putting our volunteers together for this year’s Piedmont Pagan Pride.  If you are interested in serving your community and watching it grow you can join us in several ways:

Attend our next meeting on June 15th:


Join the Facebook group:


Join the Yahoo group:


We will follow up with names of our sub-coordinators and areas where we need help. We hope you will come work and play with us!

Blessings from,

Willow, Chris, and Heather

co-LC’s Piedmont Pagan Pride




Your contributions to Piedmont Pagan Pride help support our mission and purpose! Even small amounts of love are welcomed and cherished.