Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

Statement on Censorship

In light of recent events, Piedmont Pagan Pride Day would like to address the issue of censorship at Piedmont Pagan Pride Day.

In the past, it was understood that religious ceremonies, or references to such, were a violation of the agreement to hold events in Belmont city parks, and we complied by renaming our rituals and other activities. We did this in favor of holding a fun and educational family event that would be beneficial to the community at large. While this was a committee decision, we do understand that many in the community did not agree with the said decision, and we understood that stance. In bringing this problem to light, the circumstances surrounding our decision were brought into question, and we were shocked, to say the least.

Further review of city policy and our rental agreement for Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park revealed that this choice was based on a misconception. The rental contract signed by Piedmont PPD did not include any restrictions on religious expression and moving forward, we will be working under these rules. While this has impacted our past advertising and media releases, and will not be retroactively altered, future Piedmont Pagan Pride Day literature will refer to rituals, altars, ceremonies, and offerings as their proper names, and will not be censored. Please allow us time to alter our class listings and schedule to reflect this change over the next few days.

We, as Piedmont Pagan Pride Day, are pleased to announce this change in our operations, and we do apologize for any problems and ethical dilemmas this may have caused. We are proud of our culture, religion, and community, and we look forward to moving into the future with a renewed sense of identity with our Pagan roots.

Thank you,

Piedmont Pagan Pride Day Organizers

If you would like to see Belmont City Hall’s statement regarding this incident, please email pppdsocialmedia@gmail.com

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