Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

Desserts and Divinations

Desserts and Divination at Aries Moon!

Desserts and Divinations - June 3rd - 3:30-9:30 - Aries Moon Mystical Gifts

Desserts and Divinations – June 3rd – 3:30-9:30 – Aries Moon Mystical Gifts

Piedmont Pagan Pride Day will be hosting a fundraising event at Aries Moon Mystical Gifts in Lenoir, NC (map below) called Desserts and Divinations on June 3rd from 3:30 PM to 9:30 PM! We’ll be offering pastries and other scrumptious desserts, as well as tarot readings (and possibly some other types of readings) from several of our community’s gifted readers. Our pastries will be individually priced, while the readings will be $20 for 15-minute readings! All proceeds will benefit Piedmont Pagan Pride Day! We look forward to seeing you at the event and sharing our talents with you, both in the kitchen and in the cards!

RSVP on Facebook at the below Event link or just stop by!

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Last but not least, meet Tony Brown and his Mystic Teetotem

Tony brings to us the Mystic Teetotem, a divination method of his own invention, that is fascinating as well as accurate!

Always a fan of Obscure Symbols and Odd Devices, Eclectic Wiccan Tony Brown has developed a Unique New Divinatory System: The Mystic Teetotem. Part Dreidel, part Oracle, the Teetotem relies on a Combination of Kabalistic Principles, Elementary Geometry and Simple Physics to Explore the Ancient Symbolism of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet.

The last two before tonight! Meet Thorn!

Meet Thorn Mooney who will providing Tarot Readings. Insightful, intelligent and humorous!

Scholar and Musician by Trade and Priestess and Witch by Vocation, Thorn has been working with Tarot for more than a Decade. A Practitioner of the Magical Arts since Adolescence, Thorn draws from a Background in Traditional Witchcraft, Contemporary Paganism, and Extensive Formal Academic Training in Religious Studies, Folklore, and Western Esotericism. This Unique Combination Enables her to Explore the Cards both Intellectually and Intuitively and Relate to Practitioners of Myriad Spiritual Paths. Her approach to Tarot is Reminiscent of an Intimate Conversation with a Friend, and she has a Knack for finding Humor and Joy in Trying Situations.

Insight from the Bees; meet Sarah Mellon!

Sarah Mellon will be proving insight from the fascinating Panoleptos Bee Oracle!

The PSarahanoleptos Bee Oracle is a Divination Device that was given by Pan and was Created by Panoleptos members. The Oracle is based off of the Belief that Bees are Messengers and Honey is Intoxicating. The Oracle works by utilizing Ceromancy and the Technologies used at the Ancient Greek Oracles. http://panoleptos.com/ Sarah Mellon is a Panelissa with Panoleptos and she is the Master Bee Keeper for its Apiary. She is also High Priestess for NCPCOW and a Priestess with Misfit Sanctuary. When she’s not eating Honey and Listening to the Bees, she lives on a small farm with her husband and daughters in the shadow of the South Mountains.

Meet the talented Maureen Maschinski!

Come meet Maureen Mischinski who will be provinding Shamanic Healing Stone Readings!

MaureenShamanic Healing Stone Reading is an Opportunity to get more Clarity on an issue and or to Shift it Energetically through using a Stone Reading as an Energetic Map of the Situation. As a Healer, Maureen Utilizes various Energy Techniques to help Clear Away Pain, Destructive Habits, Thought Patterns and Behaviors while Calling in Energy of your Highest Destiny, Anchoring that Energy Body to create a new map to take you towards the Life of your Dreams.

Meet our next fabulous reader, Lynne Durbin!

Lynne Durbin is joining us for DnD doing Oversoul Readings!

Want tLynno know what’s in your Soul Contract? Or just some Loving Guidance from your High Self? Lynne is a  Conscious Channel, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master and Interfaith Minister. She has offered Readings, Intuitive Energy Healing and Practical Mysticism classes full time for 18 years.  She has worked as a Channel of Light in Europe, Mexico and Hawaii, and has Clients all over the US. Lynne connects  with the Fifth-Dimensional Level of your Oversoul to Receive Insight about your Gifts and Purpose, Karmic Issues,  Numbers and Symbols, Ascended Masters, areas that need Healing, and More. These Readings are Different. No Tools are Used; she simply Channels. Oversoul readings transfer information  and Energy that will Spotlight your Soul Purpose and Revitalize your spiritual life! She is available for Private Readings, Reiki or Intuitive Counseling@ 704/537-5769. Spiritteacher@att.net  Website: www.LynneDurbin.com