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Desserts and Divination at Aries Moon!

Desserts and Divinations - June 3rd - 3:30-9:30 - Aries Moon Mystical Gifts

Desserts and Divinations – June 3rd – 3:30-9:30 – Aries Moon Mystical Gifts

Piedmont Pagan Pride Day will be hosting a fundraising event at Aries Moon Mystical Gifts in Lenoir, NC (map below) called Desserts and Divinations on June 3rd from 3:30 PM to 9:30 PM! We’ll be offering pastries and other scrumptious desserts, as well as tarot readings (and possibly some other types of readings) from several of our community’s gifted readers. Our pastries will be individually priced, while the readings will be $20 for 15-minute readings! All proceeds will benefit Piedmont Pagan Pride Day! We look forward to seeing you at the event and sharing our talents with you, both in the kitchen and in the cards!

RSVP on Facebook at the below Event link or just stop by!

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Readings by Scott @ Pagan Pride Community Mixer


As part of our Fundraising Endeavors for
 Piedmont Pagan Pride 2015
Scott will offer Elder Futhark Runes Readings
at the reduced price of $20 for a 20 minute Reading
during the Pagan Pride Community Mixer
May 30th 4-8pm
@ Zoe’s Coffee House & Lounge
170 S. South Street,
​Gastonia NC

Scott is an OBOD and ADF Druid from Baltimore, MD with a passion for folk magic,
comparative mythology, and working with the spirits of the natural world.
nraptured with the mysteries of the Norse runes and with the spirit of Deer (of all kinds!) from an early age, he reads by casting and communicating with a set of the Elder Futhark carved into the antlers of a caribou. Scott has a deep love for the helping and healing of others, and in addition to his study of Southern rootwork, is certified in the second level of Reiki energy healing. On the more practical side of things, Scott is artist who works with pencils, pastels & paints to create sacred and magical imagery. Commissions available upon request.

Come Laugh, Talk, & Enjoy
As we get to Know Each Other a Bit Better