Piedmont Pagan Pride Day

The Enchanted Kitchen ”ye ole apothecary”

Metaphysical Fund Raiser at the Enchanted Kitchen

Members of the community will be coming together offer readings and healing
Each appointment is $20 dollars for a 15 minute reading,
all proceeds go to the operation of Piedmont Pagan Pride Day.
If you would like to preregister for your appointment,
Please email at Contact@piedmontpaganpride.com


August 29th
The Enchanted Kitchen ”Ye Ole Apothecary”
46 Union St South, Concord NC 28025



 Meet our Fabulous Practitioners



10178405_10201719523491207_1565603698_n10 am to 12 pm
Susan Sterrett

Susan is an Intuitive Angel Communicator, Shamanic Healer
and a Reiki master. Through theses types of modalities
she is able to communicate with the Angels on your behalf.
She works with the Angel’s to heal, uplift your spirit,
and give you the information in which you may know your divine self.
She has worked with the Angelic Realm
for most of her life. Through her Angel Card readings,
Susan offers practical down to earth ideas and encourages
you to look at the blessings in your life

10 am to 12 pm

Saidae Bee

With more than a decade of reading
for friends, family, and herself,
Saidae combines her knowledge
of Tarot with empathy to help others
find insight  and guidance
to the questions and situations
that they are seeking answers to.


12 pm to 2 pm

Kiarah Crosier

Kiarah has ten years
of experience working
with the tarot and is a
primarily intuitive reader.
Using the story told
by the cards she can help provide
insight into career and
relationship situations.

Heather 12 pm to 2 pm
Heather Gaffney Darnell

Heather is a Reclaiming Witch, intuitive Tarot reader,
and energy healer from Charlotte, NC.
Heather’s role as a community Priestess
include creating ritual, and providing opportunities
for growth and transformation.
Her desire is to empower individuals to embrace
their Authentic Selves, with their roots deep and
feet firmly planted on the Earth.  She is available
for Tarot, Goddess and Faery oracle card readings.





2 pm to 4 pmScott
Scott Holbrook

Scott is an OBOD and ADF Druid from Baltimore, MD
with a passion for folk magic, comparative mythology,
and working with the spirits of the natural world.
Enraptured with the mysteries of the Norse runes
and with the spirit of Deer (of all kinds!) from an early age.
He reads by casting and communicating with a set of the Elder Futhark
carved into the antlers of a caribou. Scott has a deep love for the helping
and healing of others, and in addition to his study of Southern rootwork,
is certified in the second level of Reiki energy healing.
On the more practical side of things,
Scott is artist who works with pencils, pastels & paints to create sacred
and magical imagery. Commissions available upon request.

2 pm to 4 pm
Christopher Annon

Christopher Annon (Rook Adair MacMorrighan)
will be providing Shamanic and Animal Guide card readings.
His readings are intended to guide you along your path
and assist in healing body, mind and spirit.
Christopher has been in martial art for over 25 years
who has recently stepped into the role as priest of the Morrighan.

Looking Forward to Seeing You There!!!!!